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1. Valley Drop Throw.

2. Counters to Straight Arm Lock (2).

3. Counters to Bar Chokes (2).

4. Roundhouse Kick to Kidneys and Solar Plexus (left and right sides).

5. Upward rising block.

6. Upward inside forearm block.

7. Downward inside forearm block.

8. Counters to Back Arm and Collar Hold (3).

9. Standing holding locking (2).

10. Side Thrust Kick - left and right.

11. Front Snap Kick - left and right.

12. Front Kick and Side Kicks (2).

13. Head Hip and Knee Throw.

14. Wedge Block.

15.Full Shoulder Throw.

16. Shoulder Wheel Throw.

17. Pressure points / Nerve points

Students must be able to explain the difference between Nerve and Pressure points. Sit opponent, then lay them on their back and finally lay them on their front to demonstrate.

18. Students initiative.

Five strangle defences of a students own choosing

Four mixed defences of a students own choosing

19. A further 3 left handed throws of students choice in addition to the hip throw.

20. Students must be able to show they can place a casualty in the recovery position.

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