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1. 25 Throws (30): Body Drop Throw, Half Shoulder Throw, Leg Throw, Inside Hock Throw, Drawing Ankle Throw, Sweeping Hip Throw, Knee Wheel Throw, Arm and Shoulder Throw, Front Scissors Throw, Left Dropping Version of a Body Drop Throw, Scissors and Naked Choke Hold, Outside Hock Throw, Right Dropping Version of a Body Drop Throw, Front Scoop Throw, Rear Scoop Throw, Sweeping Ankle Double Throw, Double Ankle Shoulder Thrust Throw, Head Hip and Knee Throw, Rear Throw, Outer Winding Throw, Inner Winding Throw, Crab Claw Scissor Throw, Corner Throw, Rolling Ankle Throw, Spring Hip Throw, Reclining Leg Throw with Strikes, Rice Bale Throw, Lapel Shoulder Throw, Reverse Dropping Body Drop Throw.

2. The open hand and its uses (9).

3. The elbow and its uses (9).

4. Counters to throws (27): Counters to a hip throw (3), Counters to a drawing ankle throw (3), Counter to a shoulder wheel throw (3), Counters to a full shoulder throw (3), Counters to a body drop throw (3), Counters to a reclining leg/leg throw (3), Counters to outer hook throw (3), Counters to stomach throw (3), Counters to half shoulder throw (3).

5. Inside leg sweep (2).

6. The bottom fist / back fist and their uses (14).

7. Attacking the eyes and the ears (12).

8. Combination throws (10).

9. Lunge punch, reverse punch to body and face.

10. Kata.

11. Inside forearm block followed by back fist and throw (2).

12. Counters to kicks (10).

13. Palm heel block with attack (3).

14. Palm heel strikes (8).

15. One handed throat throw.

16. Use of upward X block to pull onto knee (2).

17. Three reverse punches to three attackers.

18. Using upwards blocks with throws (2).

19. Knife attacks (6).

20. Defences against a sparring partner who kicks.

21. The four most used kicks in Jujitsu (4).

22. Defence against side snap kick (4).

23. Baton defence (8).

24. Four most dangerous throws (4).

All students grading for the senior black belt will have to complete a written anatomy test, pupils are expected to learn anatomy from the sheets provided. Students must also know, and be able to show satisfactorily, all previous grade syllabus work.

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