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1. Mat Etiquette - All procedures of the Dojo, including lining up and Rei’s etc. and the reasons for their practice.

2. Basic Exercises - Must be aware of the various types of exercises, and the reasons for stretching, warming up and other exercises. Warning to new students about over-enthusiasm on exercises.

3. Breakfalls - Left & Right Side Breakfalls, Front Breakfall, Rolling Two Handed Breakfall, Back Breakfall, Left & Right Side Rolling Breakfall, Diving/Rolling taking out knee and Forelap Breakfall. Introduced over a period to suit the individual.

4. Breaking a Front Strangle (2).

5. Basic Punching Techniques.

6. Hip Throw.

7. Breaking a Back Strangle (2).

8. Straight Arm Lock.

9. Shoulder Arm Lock.

10. Recumbent Ankle Throw.

11. Kata of Eight Blocks - This kata is shown as a pairs exercise.

12. Three person Kata.

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