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1. Winding Throws (2).

2. Variations on leg sweeps (7).

3. Rolling Ankle Throw (2).

4. Corner Throw (2).

5. Rear Throw (2).

6. Cross Ankle Throw (2).

7. Leg Wheel (2).

8. Outer Wheel (2).

9. Action taken against three attackers (5).

10. Outer hook.

11. Variations on Stomach Throws (5) - Note: Stomach Throws are not to be performed on females without their agreement.

12. Several ways of throwing an opponent from behind (9).

13. Shoulder dislocation.

14. Dropping version of reverse body drop throw (2).

15. Shoulder crash throw (2).

16. Palm heel knockout blow to chin (5).

17. Upward block with knife hand strike to neck.

18. Knife hand to neck with kick to solar plexus.

19. Knife hand to neck with kick to solar plexus, delivered to two opponents (2).

20. Escape when held by both arms from behind (3).

21. Side kick to kneecap using side of the foot.

22. Three different blocks using the same arm (2).

23. Attacking back of legs (2).

24. Arm and shoulder throw with shoulder and wrist lock.

25. Side snap kick followed by roundhouse kicks.

26. Side thrust kick to knee cap followed by roundhouse kick to ribs.

27. One handed throws (5).

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