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1. Hip or Loin Wheel Throw (2).

2. Cross Over Leg Lock (2).

3. Escape from Head Chancery (3).

4. Escapes from Garroting (3).

5. Variations on holding down (2).

6. Breaking Strangles and Chokes on the Ground (6).

7. Dropping Version of Body Drop Throw (2).

8. Scissors and Naked Choke Hold (2).

9. Spring Hip Throw.

10. Front Scoop Throw.

11. Rear Scoop Throw.

12. Series of blocks into downward inside forearm block.

13. Roundhouse Kick to Side of Body.

14. Sleeper hold from head chancery.

15. Outside forearm block, elbow to ribs and backfist.

16. Defence against knife attacks (6).

  NB. Do not pick up or handle knife in these techniques. Training knife should be treated as real knife and handled appropriately. ONLY TRAINING KNIVES WILL BE PERMITTED ON THE MAT.

17. Counters using Various Techniques (6).

14. Hip throw (left side)

15. Blue Belt Kata.

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